Data CenterAQLOUD AQ2402

Aquantia’s 28nm AQ2402 is the highest performance, lowest power 4-port 10GBASE-T PHY in the industry.

The Aquantia 28nm 10GBASE-T PHY generation is ideally suited for both intra-rack connectivity as well as driving up to 100m of Cat6A/Cat7 cable. Aquantia is once again leading the industry in the process transition to 28nm, being the world’s first to deliver 10GBASE-T in this advanced process technology. Aquantia’s patent-protected, superior Mixed-Mode Signal Processing (MMSP) architecture continues to deliver best-in-class performance and power efficiency.

In a 25mm package, the AQ2402 provides a small footprint 4-port solution ideal for high-density systems, such as 48-port Top-of-Rack (ToR) or End-of-Row (EoR) switches. In this 25mm package, the AQ2402 also provides backward compatibility with the AQ1402 40nm Quad.


  • IEEE 802.3an
  • Up to 100m reach on CAT6A/CAT7 cabling
  • Integrated MACsec, 1588 v2, EEE support
  • Integrated Wake-On-LAN support
  • 25mm BGA
  • Monolithic 28nm CMOS process
  • Multi-rate connectivity supporting 10GE/GE/100M
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Dual media capable with pass-through option for XFI
  • Built in thermal management tools
  • High-performance full KR with auto-negotiation / XFI interfaces
Crehan Research projects that 10GBASE-T will ship at a rate of 32 million ports in data centers in 2019.

This market is expecting 52% CAGR from 2015 through 2019.


Data Center
Our disruptive architecture, combining MMSP and MCSP, was first implemented in the 10GBASE-T line of products, shipping in the data center and cloud environments. Our architecture’s characteristic low-power, high-performance, and high-density enabled us to demonstrate the world’s first single-chip 10GBASE-T product in 90nm standard CMOS process. The follow-on 40nm process generation, unveiled in 2012, led to the world’s first fully integrated 10GBASE-T MAC and PHY products for data center servers. We have shipped the 40nm generation of products in millions of ports to our server and switching customers, contributing to making 10GBASE-T a mainstream technology in data centers for the first time. We have since transitioned to the 28nm process generation, continuing to lead the industry.