Latest News about 10GBASE-T in Romley servers

"Romley" servers, like Cisco's, help drive 10GBASE-T explosion

Sep 7 2012 - The first full quarter of shipments for the Intel "Romley" and "Sandy Bridge" server platforms helped drive the 10G Ethernet server adapter and LAN-on-Motherboard (LOM) segment to strong results in Q2, with ports increasing almost 20% from Q1 and over 50%

How is 10GBASE-T Being Adopted and Deployed?

Jan 8 2013 - Early concerns about the reliability and robustness of 10GBASE-T technology have all been addressed in the most recent silicon designs. 10GBASE-T meets all the bit-error rate (BER) requirements of all the Ethernet and storage over Ethernet specifications

How Romley will change the Data Center

May 1 2012 - The expectations about Romley from network industry vendors and analysts is equally bullish. Most believe that the new chipset will be the tipping point for datacenters to finally upgrade their 1Gbit Ethernet switches to faster 10Gbit Ethernet switches. T

More Throughput, Higher VM Densities Drive 10GE Adoption

May 24 2012 - "The two big drivers for 10GbE adoption are virtualization and big data," says Boujelbene. If enterprises are to leverage the capabilities of more powerful servers, connectivity must also be improved to avoid bottlenecks.

Intel Shakes Up 10 Gigabit Ethernet Economics

Mar 7 2012 - Intel isn't just enabling more network bandwidth with the E5, they're also building a new NIC technology as well. The Intel X540 is a LOM technology that enables 10GbE traffic using 10GBase-T. 10GBase-T uses standard Cat6 copper cables with an RJ-45 inter

Data Center Equipment up 17% Year over Year in 1Q 2012

Jun 21 2012 - Global revenue for data center network equipment—data center Ethernet switches, application delivery controllers, and WAN optimization appliances—fell to $2.2 billion in 1Q12, down 6% from 4Q11, but up a strong 17% year over year

Cisco Grows Share of Expanding Ethernet Switch Market: IDC

May 23 2012 - We expect the first significant ramp of this migration to start in the second half of 2012 and continue through 2013. We expect server vendors will ramp Intel’s Romley chipset quickly in the second half of 2012. Most new high-end servers will, for the mos

Intel Ramping up for Ultrabook Revolution

Apr 19 2012 - "One month after launch, Romley has shipped nearly twice the volume of Nehalem at the same point in its ramp," Intel CEO, Paul Otellini said during the company's earnings call.

New Intel Xeons Will Spur 10GbE Adoption

Mar 8 2012 - Intel’s new E5 family of Xeon processors, introduced Tuesday, has been touted as a way of powering a new generation of servers built for delivering cloud-scale computing capacity. But the Xeon E5-2600 series also has positive implications for networking,

Intel's New Xeon Powerhouse: 5 Key Facts

Mar 8 2012 - The new E5's Sandy Bridge micro architecture is well known as it debuted on Intel's desktop and laptop lines over a year ago, and its successor, the Ivy Bridge generation, will show up on consumer devices in a couple months. Formerly known as the Sandy Br

Intel customers sing praises of new Xeon processors

Mar 7 2012 - These chips, which power the company's Romley server platform, represent a major improvement over Intel's current technology. Forrester Research vice president and principal analyst Richard Fichera recently told Network World that this advance, coupled wi

Intel Intros Cloud Chip

Mar 7 2012 - Intel Tuesday started promoting a new high-end Xeon E5-2600 server processor it called a cloud chip. The widgets in the family are supposed to improve performance up to 80% and scale to meet the aggressively escalating data traffic. The chips' new Integ