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The Ethernet Industry is changing dramatically as technical specifications being defined for Level 4 and 5 autonomous vehicles. These vehicles will be data centers on wheels with rich media cabin experiences and all the real-time data from sensors needed to drive at the highest level of safety.

This unprecedented level of safety and rich media requires a high-speed, Multi-Gig network that can seamlessly move the data throughout the vehicle and fully exploit the power of the modern GPU, CPU and storage technologies in autonomous vehicles.

The stringent requirements for level four and five autonomous includes the highest resolution cameras, and the need for redundant and secure networks that run on reliable and low-cost copper cabling. These requirements are driving the industry towards Multi-Gig Ethernet over copper – the perfect fit for Aquantia’s deep networking expertise, knowledge, and experience.



Autonomous Chart

Autonomous Chart

Driving a networking revolution for autonomous vehicles is a huge opportunity.

Join us in the journey.