Aquantia chipAQRATE AQR108

Aquantia’s 28nm AQrate® AQR108 is the world’s only 1-port four-speed 5 Gbps/2.5 Gbps/1 Gbps/100 Mbps PHY in the industry.

The AQR107/AQR108/AQR109 are pin-compatible multi-speed 1-port PHYs that address multiple network connectivity applications and speed requirements. These devices are available in compact 7 mm x 11 mm flip-chip BGA packages featuring Industrial (-40℃ to +108℃)1 temperature operating range.

The Aquantia® GEN2 AQrate PHYs are low-power, high-performance multi-speed 10GBASE-T /5GBASE-T /2.5GBASE-T /1000BASE-T /100BASE-TX transceivers. AQrate technology bridges the bandwidth gap between legacy Enterprise cabling infrastructure designed for 1 Gbps data rates and emergent 802.11ac WLAN technology aggregating bandwidth in excess of 1 Gbps. AQrate delivers 5 GbE and 2.5 GbE network connectivity speed through 100 meters of Cat 5e or Cat 6 cabling enabling the unabated roll-out of 802.11ac WLAN infrastructure with zero change to legacy cabling.

AQrate PHYs are compatible with the NBASE-TTM Alliance PHY Specification, the recently ratified IEEE® 802.3bzTM standard and the IEEE® 802.3an standard to perform all the physical layer functions required to implement 10GBASE-T /5GBASE-T /2.5GBASE-T /1000BASE-T /100BASE-TX transmission over 100 meters of twisted pair cabling. The AQrate PHY family integrates such features as Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE), 1588v2, MACsec and supports all PoE standards up to 60W.


  • IEEE® 802.3bz and NBASE-T compliant, featuring AQrate Adaptive Rate Operation
    Supports 5GBASE-T /2.5GBASE-T /1000BASE-T /100BASE-TX
  • Integrated MACsec, 1588v2, EEE support
    Full support for AES-256 and stand-alone operation
  • Advanced Cable Diagnostics
    On-chip high-resolution cable analyzer
  • Built-in Thermal Management
    On-chip thermal sensor with alarm and warning thresholds
  • High-Performance Interfaces
    Full KR with auto-negotiation/XFI/USXGMII/2500BASE-X/SGMII