Aquantia PHYs

Aquantia PHY transceivers are at the heart of the Multi-Gig revolution. They support a variety of Ethernet speeds and multiple port options, offering OEMs a wide array of design choices. By leading the upgrade cycle beyond gigabit, and alleviating the bandwidth bottlenecks on the wired side of networking, Aquantia PHYs enable new classes of platforms. They offer an easy upgrade path and continuity of operations anywhere wired Ethernet is a requirement. From the home, to the office, to the road – Aquantia PHYs are driving new Ethernet standards.

Filter by Application
Product Package
AQV107 7mm x 11mm
AQ2104 19mm
AQR109 7mm x 11mm
AQR409 19mm x 19mm
AQR809 23mm x 23mm
AQR108 7mm x 11mm
AQR408 19mm x 19mm
AQR107 7mm x 11mm
AQR105 19mm x 19mm
AQR205 19mm x 19mm
AQR407 19mm x 19mm
AQR405 25mm x 25mm