AQcelerate Controllers

Aquantia AQcelerate Automotive Ethernet controllers implement the necessary electronic circuitry to communicate among the GPUs/CPUs, switches, sensors and ECUs make up the In-Vehicle Network (IVN) for autonomous vehicles. Moving to Level 4/5 autonomous driving requires an IVN that can support:

  • Increasing bandwidth requirements to support the increasing number of sensors and high-resolution cameras.
  • Redundancy of all the function-critical components and systems to provide the utmost levels of safety.
  • Simplification – moving from multiple network/interfaces into an industry proven, coherent, secure network that supports all the required features of autonomous driving.

The AQVC100, AQVC107, AQVC108 and AQVC109 are based on Aquantia’s industry-leading Ethernet controller technology. The AQVC107, AQVC108, and AQVC109 integrate both the MAC and PHY in one package, while the AQVC100 is an Ethernet MAC. By having both options, the system designer has the flexibility to either place the GPU/CPU and switch on a single board for chip-to-chip communication within the IVN in the case of the AQVC100, or to have those components connect via Automotive cable – for board to board communication – using the AQVC107, AQVC108, and AQVC109.

To provide the most flexible design options and meet the needs of the autonomous driving ecosystem, this first generation of Aquantia Ethernet Controllers supports data rates of 2.5Gbps, 5Gbps and 10Gbps.

The AQVC100, AQVC107, AQVC108, and AQVC109 are Automotive qualified based on AEC-Q100 industry standard.