AQtion: Client Computing at its best

AQtion Ethernet controllers offer Multi-Gig speeds for a variety of applications. Standalone Network Interface Cards (NICS), motherboards, networked attached storage, docking stations and dongle adapters for notebooks all stand to benefit from the performance of AQtion Ethernet Controllers.

Every AQtion controller incorporates Aquantia’s industry proven AQrate PHY technology which enables the delivery of Multi-Gig Ethernet over copper cabling. All AQtion controllers are compliant to the IEEE 802.3bz standard and are backward-compatible with legacy 1000BASE-T Ethernet.


  • Integrated PCIe, MAC, and PHY solution enables power- and space-efficient connectivity for client systems
  • PCIe Gen3 and Gen2 interface with x1/x2/x4 lane-widths delivering maximum flexibility
  • IEEE® 802.3bz and NBASE-T compliant AQrate PHY supporting 10GBASE-T/5GBASE-T/2.5GBASE-T/1000BASE-T/ 100BASE-TX
  • MSI, MSI-X, LSO, RSS, and IPv4/IPv6 Checksum offloads for high performance and low CPU utilization
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet, Wake On LAN, and power management features
  • Jumbo frame support (up to 16Kbytes)
  • Extensive software support – Windows and Linux drivers; UEFI and PXE remote boot
AQTION – Technical Specifications & Documentation
AQC100 Single-port/10Gigabit MAC 7 mm x 11 mm
AQC107 Single-port 5 speeds 12 mm x 14 mm
AQC108 Single-port 4 speeds 12 mm x 14 mm
AQC111U Single-port 4 speeds 12 mm x 14 mm
AQC112U Single-port 3 speeds 12 mm x 14 mm
AQC111C Single-port 4 speeds 9 mm x 9 mm
AQC112C Single-port 3 speeds 9 mm x 9 mm