Aquantia AQtion Network Adapters

New Levels of Multi-Gig Connectivity for Performance PCs and Professional Workstations Aquantia AQtion Network Interface Cards (NICs) are based on the company’s award-winning AQtion Ethernet controller architecture. They deliver Multi-Gig connectivity of up to 10GbE for PCs and workstations – performance that was previously only available in high-end servers. These new PCIe add-in boards are ideally suited for high-performance systems used for Enterprise, gaming, home networking and a variety of data-intensive, industrial applications.

AQN-107 & AQN-108

AQtion NIC cards support 5G and 2.5Gbps Ethernet speeds over standard Cat 5e and Cat 6 copper cables. Compliant to the IEEE 802.3bz standard ratified in September 2016, these adapters are also backward-compatible with legacy 1000BASE-T Ethernet. The AQtion AQN-107 NIC has the added benefit of supporting 10GBASE-T Ethernet over Cat 6A cabling in compliance with the IEEE 802.3an standard. These NICs are compactly engineered and based on a single-chip, integrated physical layer (PHY) controller solution.

Cloud computing, big data analytics and virtualization continue to push for higher data rates. As a result the global trend towards video and social media is accelerating the market demand for faster wired connectivity at the network access level, towards Multi-Gig Ethernet connectivity. Aquantia NICs can easily meet those demands. By supporting PCI Express x4 and x1 versions with a single RJ45 port, Aquantia NICs enable an easy upgrade path for existing PCs and upcoming models that will fully utilize the bandwidth capabilities of modern CPUs and GPUs.