AQtion AQN-100

The Aquantia AQtion AQN-100 is a SFP+ Network Interface Card (NIC) that allows you to upgrade your current server or high-performance workstation with reliable, high-performance network connectivity by adding a cost-effective solution, an open 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) SFP+ copper or fiber SFP+ modules. SFP+ is an enhanced small form-factor pluggable version of the SFP that supports 10 Gbps data rates. This enhanced capability provides an easy path for upgrading any existing server or workstation to a copper or fiber network using your choice of SFP+ modules and supported multi-mode or single-mode fiber cabling.

The AQtion AQN-100 NIC provides a solution for meeting the demands for greater network speed and addressing the requirement for increased bandwidth in your network infrastructure that is caused by an increasing number of network users and data-intensive applications such as multimedia streaming and large data file transfers. The AQtion AQN-100 NIC lets you take advantage of the speed and stability of a 10GbE network, with data transfers up to 10 Gbps, in an existing server or workstation, by enabling you to reach higher data rates with zero additional changes required to your legacy cabling or infrastructure. It is compatible with most 10 GbE SFP+ transceivers, and this offers you the flexibility in choosing any pairing of SFP+ module and cable options – short reach (SR) or long reach (LR) – that match your specific combination of network environment, scalability plans, connector type, and distance requirements.

Supported SFP+ Modules

  • Aquantia AQS SFP+ copper modules
  • Finisar FTLX8574D3BCV
  • Avago AFBR-709DMZ
  • Avago AFBR-709SMZ
  • Cisco SFP-10G-SR
  • Cisco GLC-SM-MM
  • GLC-T Cisco
  • Cisco SF-H10GB-CU1M DAC
  • Cisco SF-H10GB-CU5M DAC


The AQN-100 SFP+ NIC is well suited to be a game changer because it easily provides a simple way to upgrade any existing Enterprise, gaming, or home networking platform with a reliable, cost-effective path for moving beyond the 1 Gbps data rate to access 10 Gbps network speeds.