Enterprise Infrastructure

Campus networks, enterprises of all sizes and small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) have ever increasing data and bandwidth demands. High-definition video communications and other bandwidth-intensive applications that continue to proliferate workplaces are bottlenecking the Enterprise Infrastructure at multiple points. At the same time, IT teams need to balance budget and resource constraints when considering network upgrades form outdated gigabit to Multi-Gig Ethernet speeds.

Aquantia AQrate PHYs

Aquantia AQrate PHYs designed for enterprise deployment support Ethernet speeds up to 10G and are available in single, dual, quad and octal-port configurations. AQrate PHYs are excellent solutions for the following Enterprise Infrastructure applications:

  • Enterprise Switches:
    • Enterprise Access Switches
    • Enterprise Aggregation Switches
  • Wireless LAN Access Points
  • Compact Switches
  • Workstations, Corporate Desktops & Notebooks
  • Security Cameras and Industrial Applications
AQR809 Octal-Port 3-speed 23mm x 23mm
AQR407 Quad-Port 5-Speed 19mm x 19mm
AQR408 Quad-Port 4-Speed 19mm x 19mm
AQR409 Quad-Port 3-Speed 19mm x 19mm
AQR107 Single-Port 5-Speed 7mm x 11mm
AQR108 Single-Port 4-Speed 7mm x 11mm
AQR109 Single-Port 3-Speed 7mm x 11mm
AQR405 Quad-Port 25mm x 25mm
AQR205 Dual-Port 19mm x 19mm
AQR105 Single-Port 19mm x 19mm

Aquantia AQtion Multi-Gig Ethernet Controllers

Aquantia AQtion Multi-Gig Ethernet Controllers can also be integrated into Enterprise platforms, especially corporate storage devices which demand higher levels of security than retail implementations.

With 802.11ax – or Wi-Fi 6 – devices entering the market, wireless LAN speeds are maxing out existing gigabit infrastructure. Moving to Multi-Gig implementations based on Aquantia technology provides a seamless, robust upgrade path for IT decision makers.

Technical Specifications & Documentation
AQC100 Single-port/10Gigabit MAC 7 mm x 11 mm
AQC107 Single-Port 5 speeds 12 mm x 14 mm
AQC108 Single-Port 4 speeds 12 mm x 14 mm
AQC111U Single-Port 4 speeds 12 mm x 14 mm
AQC112U Single-Port 3 speeds 12 mm x 14 mm