Data Center

The ever-increasing demand to serve up huge volumes of data, high-resolution video streaming and other high-throughput traffic calls for a fresh take on enterprise data center performance. Building out is one approach to improvement but being faster is better.

Aquantia Multi-Gig Phys are high-performance, copper solutions designed to address the “last hop” in the data center. These hops are the connections between servers and switches within the rack. Last hops make up approximately 80% of all connections inside typical corporate or enterprise data centers.

Whether it’s part of an investment bank, fashion conglomerate or university research hospital, the brain, or data center, in any large organization manages hundreds of terabits of data to and from the data center each second.

In either case a wired backend infrastructure that can handle high-bandwidth data delivery between servers, storage devices and switches – both top-of-rack and core switches – is essential.

These massive data transfers call for a systematic approach to upgrade gigabit Ethernet links to 10 Gbps and beyond. Aquantia Multi-Gig Phys easily handle this upgrade path to complete the last hop.

AQloud Product Line

AQ2203 Dual-Port 19mm
AQ2104 Single-Port 19mm
AQ1402 Quad-Port 25mm