The Ethernet Industry is changing dramatically as technical specifications are being defined for Level 4 and 5 autonomous vehicles. These vehicles will be data centers on wheels with rich media cabin experiences and all the real-time data from sensors needed to drive at the highest level of safety.

This unprecedented level of safety and rich media requires a high-speed, Multi-Gig network that can seamlessly move data throughout the vehicle and fully exploit the power of the modern GPUs and CPUs in autonomous vehicles.Technical specifications for Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous driving includes the highest resolution cameras, and the need for redundant and secure networks that run on reliable, low-cost copper cabling. These requirements are driving the industry towards Multi-Gig Ethernet over copper – the perfect fit for the Aquantia AQcelerate product line. All AQcelerate products are Automotive qualified based on the AEC-Q100 industry standard.


Automotive PHYs

The Aquantia AQcelerate Automotive PHY product line delivers high-performance, Multi-Gig transfer rates and supports up to 10Gbps Ethernet speeds, which are critical for safe, secure Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous driving, while providing OEMs the reliability and cost effectiveness of copper cabling. New automotive applications requiring data rates well beyond gigabit Ethernet can only be enabled by an In-Vehicle Network (IVN) based in Multi- Gig technology. These applications include higher resolution cameras, improved telematics and rich, in-cabin entertainment experiences. AQcelerate PHYs are based on Aquantia’s industry proven AQrate PHY technology which has shipped well over ten million ports into the Data Center and Enterprise Infrastructure markets.

AQcelerate Automotive PHY Package
AQV107 10Gbps 7mm x 11mm
AQV108 5Gbps 7mm x 11mm
AQV109 2.5Gbps 7mm x 11mm

Automotive Controllers

Aquantia AQcelerate Automotive Ethernet controllers implement the necessary electronic circuitry to communicate among the GPUs/CPUs, switches and ECUs that are part of the In-Vehicle Network (IVN) for autonomous vehicles. All AQcelerate controllers are based on Aquantia’s awarding winning Ethernet controller technology. These controllers are available as MAC and PHY in one package as a standalone Ethernet MAC. By having both options the system designer has the flexibility to either place the GPU/CPU and switch on a single board for chip-to-chip communication within the IVN or to have those components connect via Automotive cable – for board to board communication.

AQcelerate Automotive Controllers Package
AQVC100 10Gbps 7mm x 11mm
AQVC107 10Gbps 12mm x 14mm
AQVC108 5Gbps 12mm x 14mm
AQVC109 2.5Gbps 12mm x 14mm