Aquantia Access products service two sectors, Client Connectivity and Carrier Access.

Bandwidth demand is always on the rise and instant connectivity is an expectation. The constant stream of communication between all machines – the points of network contact – defines Access. Those levels of communication are always increasing and stressing the entire network– whether it’s the connection between two players in a multi-player online game, streaming HD video from a content provider or the connections between the home/office and the service provider.

Client Connectivity

Client Connectivity Access devices are where the majority of the Ethernet connections are found in the home and in professional situations. Client devices are found at the edge of the network where data is consumed, and bottlenecks develop.

AQtion Multi-Gig Ethernet controllers and AQrate PHYs can be found integrated on these types of client devices:

  • USB/Thunderbolt Ethernet Adaptor
  • Workstations and Productivity PCs
  • Game Consoles and PCs Motherboards
  • Network Interface Cards
  • Mobile Docking Stations
  • Network Attached Storage Devices
  • Wi-Fi Routers and Extenders
  • Soho Switches


AQtion NICs offer new levels of Connectivity for performance PCs, professional workstations and a new class of NAS Devices..


Award-winning Aquantia Ethernet controllers offer Multi-Gig speeds for a variety of applications across all our markets.

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Carrier Access

Carrier Access devices supply the Multi-Gig Ethernet connectivity for service provider devices such as home gateways, Docsis/cable-to modem devices, 5G wireless CPE, Small Cell and Fibre to the Home PON ONT/ONU devices that can be found in consumer and SOHO environments. As more connected and mobile devices move into those environments, new Wi-Fi standards are driving service providers to deliver advanced Multi-Gig wired capabilities in their devices.

All Aquantia Access solutions work with the existing CAT 5e cabling that is ubiquitous in most buildings.


Opitimized to support a variety of Ethernet speeds and port options, Aquantia PHYs are leading the Multi-Gig upgrade cycle.

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