VOLANSYS provides digital networking software development and consulting services to enable Multi-Gig network connectivity for AQuantia MAC, PHY, PCIe, and NIC solutions for improved performance, security, and reliability. VOLANSYS networking firmware, software and hardware experts supports platforms for extended enterprise-client applications that demand greater LAN or WAN bandwidth to reduce response time, accelerate boot time and eliminate network bottlenecks. These applications include internet-based multi-player games, machine-vision applications, client-PC backups, Audio/Video processing, electronic trading applications, enterprise data centers, cloud and other industrial applications.

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Founded in 1990, Auriga inc. is a recognized leader an experienced embedded and system level software developer with a keen knowledge of Aquantia integrated circuit devices and internals. We offer custom development, modification, maintenance, testing, re-engineering and porting of Aquantia source code to integrate them into the Customer;s products, optimize performance and ensure reliability. Our track record includes 200+ projects for medical device manufacturers, connected vehicles vendors, next-generation telecom providers, consumer electronics, power management and other industries.

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Sunrich Technology is the leading manufacturer of I/O connectivity, storage, and networking products. We offer a range of over 200 standard products to business customers, worldwide. Our offerings include hardware design, PCB layout, protyotyping, testing, industrial design, and high-quality manufacturing meeting worldwide government agency compliance. Our networking category includes many high quality NBASE-T network adapters using Aquantia NBASE-T solutions.

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Additional product information is available under NDA through our Portal. If your company has an NDA with Aquantia, please register here. If you do not have an NDA, please contact your Aquantia sales representative.