Aquantia Showcases Multi-Gig Innovation for the Home at CableLabs Tek Stadium

Building on the vision of revolutionizing Ethernet and accelerating connectivity, Aquantia showcased its Multi-Gig AQtion Network Interface Cards (NICs) and AQrate Phys at the recent CableLabs Summer Conference, in the Tek Stadium showcase on August 6th. Tek Stadium highlights vendors that have been recognized by CableLabs as being innovative and relevant to the cable industry.

CableLabs’s Tek Stadium showcase is a great forum to connect vendors, equipment makers and service providers with the latest technologies that shape how high-speed data is delivered. It also gives Aquantia the opportunity to influence the types of next generation services that consumers will be able to access through service providers,” said LK Bhupathi, Aquantia’s Senior Director of Product Marketing.

Service providers recognize that mobility and data consolidation in the cloud continue to gain momentum. To meet these trends head-on, Aquantia is addressing the need for Multi-Gig Ethernet solutions that serve a variety of devices at both ends of the network, where data is stored and consumed, and where bottlenecks are created.

With DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems and 802.11ax WiFi it becomes theoretically possible to push Internet speeds as high as 10Gpbs to home and business. As this happens gateway boxes from service providers with built-in modems need multi-gigabit speeds supported. Aquantia’s AQrate PHYs and PCI Express Controllers offer higher data-rate ports than legacy Gateway boxes provided by service providers.

Aquantia’s AQrate PHYs that support 10Gbps, 5Gbps and 2.5Gbps and comply with IEEE 802.3bz Ethernet standard are well-suited for the next generation gateway designs. At Tek Stadium Aquantia showcased its second generation, low-power, small footprint PHY technology, the AQrate AQR408 and AQR409 with data transfer rates up to 5G and 2.5G respectively. The cost-effective AQrate PHYs enable flexible configuration for compact service provider CPE solutions across a range of speed requirements.

Aquantia’s PCI Express Controller and NIC products enable an easy upgrade path for any PC. These NICs support 5G and 2.5Gbps Ethernet speeds over standard Cat 5e and Cat 6 copper cables and deliver Multi-Gig connectivity up to 10GbE for PCs and workstations – performance that was previously only available in high-end servers. The AQtion add-in boards are ideally suited for high-performance systems used for interactive entertainment, home networking and any application that requires moving huge files – such as downloading movie files or games.

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