Aquantia at GTC 2019

March Madness is in full swing, and while nearly everyone was watching the games, Aquantia was at the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference (GTC) letting everyone know that Multi-Gig Madness had also begun. Attendees were excited, and asked lots of questions about what Multi-Gig can offer in a world that has been controlled by slow gigabit speeds for decades.

The AQ show team was rounding up people left and right to a point where attendees were lined up waiting to see the Automotive AQcelerate PHY or AQtion Command Center demos. Aquantia’s field application engineers were powerhouses, answering every brain-buster question that was thrown at them. GTC attendees left the Aquantia booth excited and hopeful about Multi-Gig as a promising solution for the bottleneck issues they see in their labs, server rooms, dev environments, and enterprise setups.

Diane Vanasse, our Director of Corporate Communications, had this to say, “GTC is a great show for us to demonstrate and talk about Multi-Gig connectivity because it can help anyone who transfers or moves large amounts of data around. We have seen people from all sorts of backgrounds including VR, AI, military, gaming, developer, automotive and more. All these segments can benefit from Multi-Gig.”

Thanks to our partner, Nvidia, for putting on an amazing event that allows people from all around the world to learn about what exciting new technology is being developed. The exhibitor halls were filled with smiles, excitement, and thousands of people who were happy to be there to see this technology in action. Aquantia looks forward to attending GTC again and being a part of the innovative technologies this exciting ecosystem event has to offer. – Link to GTC 2019 website