As corporate data workloads increasingly migrate to the datacenter and cloud-based consumer services increase in adoption, the need for workstations and PCs with faster internet speeds is growing as the transition of 802.11n to continues to accelerate.

Unlike other performance defining features like CPUs and GPUS, PC Ethernet speeds in PCs have topped out at at 1Gbps for more than 15 years because of cabling limitations. Aquantia is changing the game with its AQtion line of Ethernet controllers and Network Interface Cards (NICs) – allowing PCs to break into the Multi-Gig realm with speeds up to 5Gbps on legacy cabling and up to 10Gbps on newer cables.

“Over the last decade, PC innovation has accelerated,” states IDC Research Director, Linn Huang. “PCs have gotten sleeker and move powerful while operating at lower power envelopes. Yet, the Ethernet port has largely been left behind. With Aquantia’s latest offerings, Ethernet connectivity in PCs can finally catch up to the rest of the industry.”