We are a leader in the design, development and marketing of advanced high-speed communications integrated circuits, or ICs, in the data center, enterprise infrastructure and access markets.

Our semiconductor solutions are designed to alleviate network bandwidth bottlenecks, deliver leading-edge data speeds at significantly reduced system power consumption and enable the deployment of next generation computing and communications infrastructure necessary to address the explosive growth of global IP traffic. Our customers have come to rely increasingly on Aquantia’s disruptive solutions to change the paradigm in their respective markets, and lead the next upgrade cycles in both data center and enterprise infrastructure.


The combination of our disruptive Mixed Mode Signal Processing (MMSP) architecture, offering 10 Tera-operations per second capability, and our Multi-Core Signal Processors (MCSP) implementation allows for a die-size optimized for high performance implementation of the core processing units.


Architectural innovations such as our Mixed Mode Signal Processing (MMSP) have enabled Aquantia’s physical layer ICs to benefit from the lowest power consumption in a comparable process node.

Port Density

Our small footprint ICs allow customers to design industry-leading high-density switches and WLAN APs.

Innovation: Customer Focus

Our ability to anticipate future trends and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs allows us to translate our disruptive ideas into innovative products.