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Aquantia Connects with $35M

May 14 2012 - Milpitas-based Aquantia, which develops high speed, Ethernet PHY semiconductors for the 10GBASE-T market, has raised $35M in a Series F funding, the firm said today.

Aquantia named to Red Herring Top 100 North America

May 7 2012 - Aquantia commands an ideal position to provide the technology cost-effectively. Rather than using expensive fiber optic cable, Aquantia sells one of the few Ethernet switches on the market able to run off copper wire, allowing businesses to simply plug in

Intel Rolls Out First Processor Optimized for Datacenters

Mar 19 2012 - The E5 family is also Intel's first server processor family with integrated input/output (I/O), rather than using a separate chip, thereby reducing latency by 30 percent while doubling the bandwidth with PCIe3. The E5 is also the first Intel server proces

Intel Rolls Out Xeon E5 Chips for Cloud, Analytics

Mar 19 2012 - The Xeon E5-2600 chips, which offer up to eight cores, will enable data centers to handle a world where there will be more than 3 billion Internet users with more than 15 billion connected devices by 2015, per numbers compiled by Cisco Systems. And all th

Intel Shakes Up 10 Gigabit Ethernet Economics

Mar 19 2012 - Intel isn't just enabling more network bandwidth with the E5, they're also building a new NIC technology as well. The Intel X540 is a LOM technology that enables 10GbE traffic using 10GBase-T. 10GBase-T uses standard Cat6 copper cables with an RJ-45 inter