Aquantia and Dell Team Up to Offer Multi-Gig Capabilities to Enterprises of All Sizes

Until recently, most Enterprise desktop and workstation solutions have been limited to outdated Gigabit Ethernet connectivity – the standard PC offering for more than 15 years. In today’s Experience Age, the explosion of cloud-based applications and services, combined with our insatiable appetite for bandwidth and high-resolution content, is driving Multi-Gig adoption across the full range of businesses, from service oriented sole proprietorships to huge conglomerations with tens of thousands of employees.

Seamless interaction via the network with customers, partners, and among employees, is now as crucial as are strong fundamentals in finance, marketing, and research and development. It takes a lot of innovation and invention to squeeze new levels of performance out of the existing cabled network infrastructure that exists in almost every business using a network. Aquantia has teamed up with Dell to deliver that extra performance to all types of business. We’re pleased to partner with Dell to shake up the outdated network status quo by providing Multi-Gig capabilities for the new OptiPlex 7050 series as some of the first PC systems to ship with the AQtion AQN-108, 5 Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) as a configure-to-order option.

With the OptiPlex 7050 configured with the AQN-108, users of modern applications such as high-resolution communications, collaboration and data intensive workloads, will see immediate benefits of Aquantia Multi-Gig capabilities. Users can also expect instant conferencing capabilities and enhanced collaboration better communication among teams, including real-time sharing, annotation and file transfers. The OptiPlex 7050 allows users to connect, share and display with a split-screen view. Superior productivity is enhanced further by the OptiPlex 7050’s ability to natively support three displays.

Users can select from full sized tower and small form factor configurations. The small form factor configurations, when combined with Dell’s all-in-one stand and matching monitor, offer the minimalist footprint of an all-in-one PC without sacrificing upgradability.

“The explosion of PC Multi-Gig capabilities into the client connectivity space is being led by innovative industry leaders like Dell,” said Kamal Dalmia, senior vice president of marketing and sales at Aquantia. “Aquantia and Dell recognize that each business is unique in its connectivity profile – and we are pleased to offer a choice that can help any enterprise meet its business objectives.”

To purchase the OptiPlex 7050 Tower with the Aquantia AQtion AQN-108 go here. Simply select the configuration option and look for the Network Card selection.