Aquantia AQtion Network Adapters Introduce New Levels of Multi-Gigabit Connectivity for High-Performance PCs and Professional Workstations

Multi-Gig Ethernet Joins CPUs and GPUs as a Key Feature for High Performance PCs
San Jose, Calif., May 15, 2017 – Aquantia Corp., a pioneer and market leader in high-speed, Multi-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity solutions, today introduced the AQtion AQN-107 and AQN-108 Network Interface Cards (NICs) targeted at high-performance PCs, professional workstations and other traffic-intensive platforms demanding a “Multi-Gig” Ethernet connection. These new PCIe add-in cards are based on the company’s award-winning1 Ethernet controllers and are designed to deliver affordable Multi-Gig connectivity to individual users that was previously available only in high-end servers.

The AQtion NIC cards support 5G and 2.5Gbps Ethernet speeds over standard Cat 5e and Cat 6 copper cables. Compliant to IEEE 802.3bz standard ratified in September 2016, these adapters are also backward-compatible with legacy 1000BASE-T Ethernet. The AQtion AQN-107 NIC has the added benefit of supporting 10GBASE-T Ethernet in compliance with the IEEE 802.3an standard. By supporting PCI Express x4 and x1 versions with a single RJ45 port, these new Aquantia NICs can be used to easily upgrade existing PCs and new models to fully utilize the bandwidth capabilities of modern CPUs and GPUs.

Accelerating ConnectivityAccelerating Connectivity

“Aquantia expects to see a strong ramp in demand for Multi-Gig Ethernet LAN for client platforms used by power-users, professionals, gamers, prosumers and any individual who wants to enjoy fast data-transfer and quick response-times,” said Kamal Dalmia, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Aquantia Corp. “Proliferation of Mulit-Gig Ethernet is the logical next step as Enterprise and home networks get upgraded from legacy Gigabit technology.”

Cloud computing, big data analytics and virtualization have long pushed higher data rates, and the global trend towards video and social media is accelerating the market demand for faster wired connectivity at the network access level, towards Multi-Gig Ethernet connectivity. AQtion NICs are compactly engineered and based on a single-chip, integrated physical layer (PHY) controller solution. The high-performance AQtion NIC product line is built for individuals seeking the best available networking solution for data intensive computing – whether for multimedia, education, medical or gaming applications.

“Historically, networking capabilities, such as Gigabit Ethernet introduced in PCs in 2000, defined a significant stepping stone in the PC evolution. But for the past 17 years, that Ethernet port has stagnated at 1 Gigabit, and become a bottleneck for IT professionals, gamers, and performance users at large,” said Linn Huang, IDC Research Director. “With data workloads increasing rapidly and with PC gaming rising in popularity, breaking the gigabit plane and moving to multi-gigabit PC Ethernet speeds should be a game changer for high-performance users.”

Users looking for an immediate upgrade can purchase the standalone AQtion NICs in the Americas and Europe through Arrow Electronics. The AQtion AQN-107 10GbE NIC is available today for $129.00, and the AQtion AQN-108 5GbE NIC is available for $99.00.

About Aquantia
Aquantia is a leading developer and global supplier of high-speed semiconductor connectivity solutions. Backed by more than a decade of technology leadership and execution, Aquantia’s market-leading product portfolio enables the world’s most innovative computing, data center, and enterprise infrastructure applications. Aquantia addresses ever-changing market needs by providing an extensive portfolio, based on architectural innovations that deliver high performance, low power consumption, high density and high-quality silicon solutions to its customers. Aquantia is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with strong venture capital and strategic investors. For more information, visit

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1 Tom’s Hardware selected the Aquantia AQtion controller as the “Best New Motherboard Feature” for its CES 2017 Best in Show award.

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